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Fear of Falling

15 August 2016

Rotten eggs The Tukituki river flows as a trickle under the Patangata Bridge and the countryside is parched dry. There’s been no significant rain for many months. Yet scattered across the scorched landscape are a few flat patches of green.…

Mark Sweet15 August 2016

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Little Silos Won’t Lift the Bay

15 August 2016

Mayor Yule’s ‘Poor but Happy’ slideshow, the one he touted around the region during the campaign, held sad statistics about employment, education, housing, and is still relevant. The consensus among decision makers today is that the socio-economic challenges facing Hawke’s…

Jess Soutar Barron15 August 2016

Standing for Regional Council

10 August 2016

I’m proud to be nominated as a candidate for the HB Regional Council by two of my long-time citizen heroes and friends – Chris Ryan, with whom I co-led the petition campaign that gathered over 10,000 names to reject the…

Tom Belford10 August 2016

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The dam -- confusion over Friday; more to come

10 July 2016

Last Friday was a jumbled day at the Regional Council, juxtaposing two public-excluded briefings on the dam with two public sanitised versions of those presentations, followed by a confusing procedural vote. As I wrote beforehand in this Talking Point published…

Tom Belford10 July 2016

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Controversy Renews at Ocean Beach

31 May 2016

Will Ocean Beach become a leading-edge, ecotourism destination or succumb to over-development? Its future hangs in the balance as developers prepare to challenge Hastings District Council (HDC), Maori concerns and conservationists over zoning limitations at the Environment Court later this…

Keith Newman31 May 2016

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Manufacturing ‘Pure’ Water

31 May 2016

Think of ‘pure’ water … the kind in a bottle. What springs to mind? Probably images of vibrant water cascading over rocks, snow-capped mountains, a crystal clear river meandering its way through thick forest teeming with native birds. Like the…

Sarah Cates31 May 2016

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Garden of Eden or White Elephant?

31 May 2016

With requisite farmers, an investor, and lenders apparently at the ready, will the Ruataniwha dam proceed, or will it remain contested for several more months? Standing in the way are hurdles including a lawsuit and an election. On May 26,…

Tom Belford31 May 2016

Still more water to flow

28 April 2016

Yesterday HBRIC announced that it almost had reached the HBRC-stipulated goal of ‘signed and sealed’ water user contracts committing CHB farmers to buying 45 million cubic metres of dam water per year over the next 35 years. The signed contracts…

Tom Belford28 April 2016

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Political Buzz

31 March 2016

Our councils are trying to get several big ticket spending projects over the finish line in the next two to three months – velodrome, Opera House strengthening, dam – plus a proposal before CHB ratepayers to spend $1.5 million per…

Tom Belford31 March 2016