Assessing the role of the District Health Board and other health organisations in ensuring the quality of our health care here in the Bay

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Colonic crisis a killer


Talk of a national screening programme presents another time bomb, the chronic shortage of specialists, including gastroenterologists and surgeons, the only ones qualified to perform colonoscopies (internal bowel or colon…

Keith Newman06 February 2016

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Too Lean on Child Obesity?


Obesity – not just child obesity – has reached crisis proportion in New Zealand, and our rate is rising. We lag behind only Greece and Italy amongst OECD countries in incidence…

Tom Belford07 December 2015

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Health inequity


I trained as a public health physician in the UK, and although I have spent many years managing healthcare, in various settings, my resolve to ensure fair and equitable health…

Dr Kevin Snee08 December 2014

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Legal Highs

Social Magazine Health

Consumers call the products legal highs or ‘legals’. Psychoactive substances is the preferred term of the police. The same substances are also referred to as synthetic cannabis or cannabinoids, or…

Jess Soutar Barron10 November 2013

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