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Saving Lake Tūtira

01 October 2017

As freshwater scientist Andy Hicks says: “Tūtira could be a huge asset for the region, it could be our Lake Taupo, but at the moment it’s a huge embarrassment.” Lake Tūtira was once famous for its eels, freshwater mussels and…

Bridget Freeman-Rock01 October 2017

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31 July 2017

                  Clockwise from top left : the Gotham Greens Brooklyn operation, Gotham Greens Chicago greenhouse, co-founder Viraj Puri [Editor: This article was fi rst published online at, and is condensed and…

Rosie Bosworth31 July 2017

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Setting ourselves apart

09 February 2017

Our Bostock New Zealand customers all around the world are demanding premium produce. There is no doubt that our pure New Zealand brand gives us a competitive economic advantage. Our business, which employs over 800 people at the peak of…

John Bostock09 February 2017

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‘Natural’ … the new ‘Premium’

09 February 2017

Fact. A growing global population requires a growing amount of food. Fact. A large amount of that food will need to be produced as cheaply as possible and as effi ciently as possible in as much bulk as possible. Fact.…

Kim Thorp09 February 2017

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Lifting The Bar For Hawke's Bay Farming

09 February 2017

Numerous studies – such as Call to Arms, refl ecting a panel including Sir Graeme Avery – have indicated the full potential of New Zealand’s agricultural sector, and by implication, the possibilities for Hawke’s Bay. What might we aspire to? Call…

Tom Belford09 February 2017

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04 February 2017

In the humble apple Hawke’s Bay has the raw ingredient for increased exports, new careers and more jobs, artisan and innovative products, and potentially the cure for cancer. Currently we witness the apple growing, then it disappears overseas, job done.…

Jess Soutar Barron04 February 2017

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04 February 2017

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright says we’ll need to dramatically change what we grow and how we grow it if we’re to meet our commitment to the Paris Accord on Climate Change, which 75 other countries have ratified.…

Keith Newman04 February 2017

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Going for the Green Gold

04 October 2016

We all know an O’Rouke, O’Sullivan or a Fitzpatrick. In fact 600,000 Kiwis have our beginnings in the Emerald Isles. We share potatoes, St Paddy’s Day, beer, work ethics, digging the soil, milking cows, humour and music. We both export…

Sarah Cates04 October 2016

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Tukituki is farmers' drain - feedlot photos

02 September 2016

I suppose we should be gratified that so many people seem at last to be climbing aboard the Tukituki clean-up cause. The list even includes Hastings Council candidates and HDC refugees like Cynthia Bowers, whose husband, Ewan McGregor, during his terms…

Tom Belford02 September 2016