Maori represent almost 25% of Hawke’s Bay’s population, presenting our region with unique challenges and opportunities. And as Treaty claims are settled in our region, Maori involvement in our local governance and economy will increase.

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Hakikino, Window to Māori Culture

01 April 2019

“Waimārama is so much more than a seaside resort,” says Robert MacDonald, kaumātua of Ngāti Kahungunu (tribe) and Ngāti Kurukuru (sub-tribe), the tangata whenua of Waimārama.  “For those of us who live here and call it home, the landscape holds…

Kay Bazzard01 April 2019

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Power Shifting: Making Room for Māori Voices

01 December 2018

Councils and Pakeha leaders take it on the chin as BayBuzz gives the Māori perspective on what’s wrong with local co-governance in Hawke’s Bay.  Debate over the shape of co-governance at the region’s decision-making tables is heating up as Hawke’s…

Keith Newman01 December 2018

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Mother Suzanne Aubert the road to sainthood

01 December 2018

Pakipaki is an unassuming place from the road.  But turn off the highway just south of Hastings and you’ll find a settlement steeped in history, and a collection of buildings standing as testament to a wealth of stories whose wairua…

Jess Soutar Barron01 December 2018

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Tradition on a Plate

03 June 2017

In Polynesian Lore, food is the lynchpin of social life: an opportunity to gather friends and family together while indulging in traditional fare. A custom which not only provides nourishment for the body and the spirit, but also acts as…

Michal McKay03 June 2017

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Controversy Renews at Ocean Beach

31 May 2016

Will Ocean Beach become a leading-edge, ecotourism destination or succumb to over-development? Its future hangs in the balance as developers prepare to challenge Hastings District Council (HDC), Maori concerns and conservationists over zoning limitations at the Environment Court later this…

Keith Newman31 May 2016

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Political Buzz

31 March 2016

Our councils are trying to get several big ticket spending projects over the finish line in the next two to three months – velodrome, Opera House strengthening, dam – plus a proposal before CHB ratepayers to spend $1.5 million per…

Tom Belford31 March 2016

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Miss Mohi on the case

06 February 2016

It started when Rose found carvings listed online that came from a meeting house built for her great-great-grandfather Karaitiana Takamoana at Pakowhai and somehow wound up in the Otago Museum. She went to Dunedin to see them and found 15…

Jess Soutar Barron06 February 2016

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Square Heart Needs Arrow

31 January 2016

Welcome to the vibrant heart of Hastings; cultural gateway to the East Coast with integrated state of the art library-gallery-digital innovation hub, majestic heritage buildings, world class hotel and business centre connected by performance spaces, eateries and quirky retail outlets.…

Keith Newman31 January 2016

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Māori leadership

01 April 2014

The two burning issues before Hawke’s Bay at the moment, amalgamation and the dam, bring into focus the role of Māori leadership in the debate. Both initiatives have been Pākehā-driven; yet both hold significant implications for Māori. So, how is…

Tom Belford01 April 2014

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Māori agribusiness giant stirring

08 July 2013

Keith Newman discovers a visionary plan to get Māori primary producers thinking beyond the gate will require youth to re-engage with their rural roots and trustees of disparate landholdings to operate collectively. Re-energising the Hawke’s Bay Māori economy may be…

Keith Newman08 July 2013

Managing Collectively Owned Māori Land

03 July 2013

Ma te huruhuru te manu ka rere – It is the feathers that enable the bird to fly. There’s movement locally in the Māori agribusiness sector. Tautane Station, recently purchased by the Kahungunu Asset Holding Company, is a strategic asset…

Shona Jones03 July 2013

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Land issues undermine Te Aute learning legacy

10 May 2013

Keith Newman asks if Te Aute College, south of Hastings, can recover its financial, moral and academic mana to equip a new generation of Mãori leaders … or whether it’s an educational moa in the 21st century. Te Aute College,…

Keith Newman10 May 2013

TAONGA MAORI connecting to place & past

30 December 2012

Hawke’s Bay’s nationally-recognised collection of taonga Mãori will spread its wings when the new museum opens in September, as Lizzie Russell reports. Beyond what visitors will see in the exhibition spaces, there’s much more to any museum, in particular our…

Lizzie Russell30 December 2012

Re-discovering Māori commercial mojo

04 July 2012

Prior to Pakeha coming to these shores Ngãti Kahungunu was commercially focused, as were all iwi. We traded and bartered with each other and there was a small but definite trade trail back into the Pacific selling pounamu for kúmara…

Ngahiwi Tomoana04 July 2012

Matariki Living Taonga Awards

03 July 2012

The Pleiades stars are easy to spot in the crisp, clear north-eastern skies of late May or early June. They have other names. One is Seven Sisters, another is Matariki, the Mãori word for New Year. Traditionally, Matariki was regarded…

Kathy Webb03 July 2012

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MĀORI ECONOMY: Brimming with potential

11 May 2012

‘Heretaunga te Haaro o te Kaahu ki Tuawhakarere’ A hundred pathways, life giving waters and beauty that can only be seen through the eye of a hawk. Hawke’s Bay Māori whakatauki (or proverb) Keith Newman asks whether the vision from…

Keith Newman11 May 2012

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The Tukituki: Always a Taonga

08 May 2012

The Tukituki River is regarded as a taonga (treasured possession) by the hapu of Tamatea and Heretaunga (CHB and Hastings Districts). It will always be a taonga, and our fervent wish is that other river users will start treating it…

Morry Black08 May 2012