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Square Heart Needs Arrow

31 January 2016

Welcome to the vibrant heart of Hastings; cultural gateway to the East Coast with integrated state of the art library-gallery-digital innovation hub, majestic heritage buildings, world class hotel and business centre connected by performance spaces, eateries and quirky retail outlets.…

Keith Newman31 January 2016

Addressing HB's social challenges

30 April 2015

Hope you can join what should be a stimulating discussion of HB’s social issues, led by Mayor Lawrence Yule, former Green MP Sue Bradford, and Maori leader Des Ratima.

Tom Belford30 April 2015

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Māori leadership

01 April 2014

The two burning issues before Hawke’s Bay at the moment, amalgamation and the dam, bring into focus the role of Māori leadership in the debate. Both initiatives have been Pākehā-driven; yet both hold significant implications for Māori. So, how is…

Tom Belford01 April 2014

Ngahiwi Tomoana can suck eggs ...

26 January 2014

And so can his Maori mates! That’s how I understand the attitude of CHB Mayor Peter Butler. But decide for yourself. Here are Butler’s exact words, as delivered in an email to his councillors last Friday: “What I want to…

Tom Belford26 January 2014

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Māori agribusiness giant stirring

08 July 2013

Keith Newman discovers a visionary plan to get Māori primary producers thinking beyond the gate will require youth to re-engage with their rural roots and trustees of disparate landholdings to operate collectively. Re-energising the Hawke’s Bay Māori economy may be…

Keith Newman08 July 2013

Managing Collectively Owned Māori Land

03 July 2013

Ma te huruhuru te manu ka rere – It is the feathers that enable the bird to fly. There’s movement locally in the Māori agribusiness sector. Tautane Station, recently purchased by the Kahungunu Asset Holding Company, is a strategic asset…

Shona Jones03 July 2013

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Land issues undermine Te Aute learning legacy

10 May 2013

Keith Newman asks if Te Aute College, south of Hastings, can recover its financial, moral and academic mana to equip a new generation of Mãori leaders … or whether it’s an educational moa in the 21st century. Te Aute College,…

Keith Newman10 May 2013

TAONGA MAORI connecting to place & past

30 December 2012

Hawke’s Bay’s nationally-recognised collection of taonga Mãori will spread its wings when the new museum opens in September, as Lizzie Russell reports. Beyond what visitors will see in the exhibition spaces, there’s much more to any museum, in particular our…

Lizzie Russell30 December 2012