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Re-discovering Māori commercial mojo

04 July 2012

Prior to Pakeha coming to these shores Ngãti Kahungunu was commercially focused, as were all iwi. We traded and bartered with each other and there was a small but definite trade trail back into the Pacific selling pounamu for kúmara…

Ngahiwi Tomoana04 July 2012

Matariki Living Taonga Awards

03 July 2012

The Pleiades stars are easy to spot in the crisp, clear north-eastern skies of late May or early June. They have other names. One is Seven Sisters, another is Matariki, the Mãori word for New Year. Traditionally, Matariki was regarded…

Kathy Webb03 July 2012

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MĀORI ECONOMY: Brimming with potential

11 May 2012

‘Heretaunga te Haaro o te Kaahu ki Tuawhakarere’ A hundred pathways, life giving waters and beauty that can only be seen through the eye of a hawk. Hawke’s Bay Māori whakatauki (or proverb) Keith Newman asks whether the vision from…

Keith Newman11 May 2012

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The Tukituki: Always a Taonga

08 May 2012

The Tukituki River is regarded as a taonga (treasured possession) by the hapu of Tamatea and Heretaunga (CHB and Hastings Districts). It will always be a taonga, and our fervent wish is that other river users will start treating it…

Morry Black08 May 2012

Maori Settlements Mean Economic Opportunity

05 July 2011

Hawke’s Bay ‘the fruit bowl of New Zealand’, was once the catch cry of a very productive and prosperous region. Hawke’s Bay is now known as a region with a low income economy. In 2006 the median yearly income of…

Des Ratima05 July 2011

Maori view of freshwater management

21 September 2010

Thanks to BayBuzz reader Danny Smith, I’ve just caught up with these remarks by Pita Sharples last July to the Indigenous Peoples’ Legal Water Forum. It’s a remarkable speech — hugely relevant to water decision-making here in Hawke’s Bay, given…

Tom Belford21 September 2010

Greater role for Maori in regional resource policy

27 July 2010

Last week, Chris Finlayson, Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, made an announcement of crucial importance to Hawke’s Bay. He announced that the Crown would work with the Regional Council and local iwi toward the establishment of a Regional Council…

Tom Belford27 July 2010

Co-governance in HB's future

27 April 2010

A legislative Bill providing for “co-management” of the Waikato River by a joint committee of Waikato regional councillors and appointed Maori representatives is progressing through Parliament, receiving its second reading. According to NZ Farmer’s Weekly, the measure is a “done…

Tom Belford27 April 2010

Who speaks for Maori?

14 October 2009

More from October BayBuzz Digest … Back in May, a Lindisfarne alumnus, the Honourable Justice Joseph Williams of the High Court, formerly Chairman of the Waitangi Tribunal, spoke at an “Embracing Futures” breakfast sponsored by the HB Regional Council. He…

Tom Belford14 October 2009