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Evolving EIT

Education Online

The future of Hawke’s Bay hinges on how well we educate our people.  I am talking to Brenda Chapman, marketing director at EIT about how education has changed in her…

Matthew Miller01 February 2020

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Super Weather Sensors


“The weather: everyone grumbles about it, but no-one does anything about it.” MARK TWAIN Hawke’s Bay company Metris are doing something about it.  With a network of online sensors stretching…

Matthew Miller01 July 2019

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Meet the Hello Cup

Voices Online

Robyn McLean is the CEO of Havelock North’s most exciting start-up company, Hello Cup.  Sourcing high-quality medical plastic from Germany, Hello Cup takes orders via a website, manufactures products in…

Matthew Miller01 April 2019

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Keeping Time


Steve and Bev Nathan moved from Auckland to Hawke’s Bay in 2006 and immediately bought a vineyard. Steve thought it was the thing you do when you move to Hawke’s…

Matthew Miller01 August 2018

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Voices Online

From the comfortable vantage point of our over-fed, affluent 21st century, surrounded by our uber-connected smart devices, you might be forgiven for looking at agricultural equipment as a bit boring.…

Matthew Miller05 June 2016

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Who's Wired?

Technology Online

Actually this question is already a bit archaic as wireless access to the Internet has quickly become the norm globally. And New Zealand is no exception. According to Nielsen NZ,…

Lizzie Russell06 April 2016

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