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Cricket Craftsmanship

23 December 2017

I love cricket. I’ve been playing and watching it all my life. With Hawke’s Bay days getting longer and warmer, rugby and soccer boots are hung up and the sound of leather upon willow becomes more prevalent as the region’s…

Andrew Frame23 December 2017

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Take Me Home

02 December 2017

For some, the rocketing property boom is a barrier to buying. For others, it’s merely a challenge. We found four families in Hawke’s Bay whose ideas on what makes a house a home are far from mainstream. With a combination…

Michal McKay02 December 2017

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Is there a Doctor in the House?

14 November 2017

Old school Not so long ago the General Practice (GP) family doctor was part of the whãnau. He, sometimes she, would attend to the health needs of mum, dad and the kids, and often grandparents and grandchildren. He would deliver…

Mark Sweet14 November 2017

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31 July 2017

New Zealand will have to wean itself off intensive agriculture, plant vast forests, commit to vehicles and factories powered by 100% renewable electricity or continue to buy carbon credits to cover its backside if it’s to meet Paris Agreement climate…

Keith Newman31 July 2017

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Chefs spill the Beans

09 February 2017

Word of warning – this is not a beginner’s guide to becoming an instant success in the kitchen. For tips on the right temperature for grilling cheese on toast, look elsewhere. But for aspiring cooks who like a little praise for whipping up…

Michal McKay09 February 2017

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Hungry in the Bay

09 February 2017

Child poverty has received much focus recently in New Zealand, with the Child Poverty Monitor indicating up to a third of the country’s kids now live below the poverty line – defi ned as NZ households earning less than 60%…

Bridget Freeman-Rock09 February 2017

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Scaling up the food value chain

09 February 2017

‘Add value in the food chain’ is a decades old mantra. But it’s mere rhetoric, unless we support and capitalise on the success of existing entrepreneurs, niche exporters, and the next generation of smart companies wanting to add a premium…

Keith Newman09 February 2017

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Hawke's Bay Top Twenty Food Heavyweights

09 February 2017

BayBuzz approached about thirty agri-business and food cognoscenti in the region to nominate in confi dence the companies they thought represented the best of Hawke’s Bay. Here’s what I requested: “I’d welcome your suggestions regarding who we might identify as,…

Tom Belford09 February 2017