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Here’s where Tom Belford, BayBuzz editor and regional councillor, publishes his running analysis and commentary on the political and lifestyle foibles, and important trends, of Hawke’s Bay. As he sees it. No holds barred.

Standing for Regional Council

10 August 2016

I’m proud to be nominated as a candidate for the HB Regional Council by two of my long-time citizen heroes and friends – Chris Ryan, with whom I co-led the petition campaign that gathered over 10,000 names to reject the…

Tom Belford10 August 2016

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The dam -- confusion over Friday; more to come

10 July 2016

Last Friday was a jumbled day at the Regional Council, juxtaposing two public-excluded briefings on the dam with two public sanitised versions of those presentations, followed by a confusing procedural vote. As I wrote beforehand in this Talking Point published…

Tom Belford10 July 2016

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$36 million ... for what?!

12 June 2016

Last Thursday, five members of the Regional Council shelved — at least for now — the proposal for ratepayers to purchase $36.9 million of water from the proposed Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme (RWSS). The lack of any evidence-based case whatsoever…

BayBuzz12 June 2016

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BayBuzz editor threatened!

19 May 2016

As reported by BayBuzz informer … Chairman Fenton Wilson, at HBRIC plotting session: “I’m not saying you shouldn’t punch out Councillor Belford if the opportunity arises.”  

Tom Belford19 May 2016

Still more water to flow

28 April 2016

Yesterday HBRIC announced that it almost had reached the HBRC-stipulated goal of ‘signed and sealed’ water user contracts committing CHB farmers to buying 45 million cubic metres of dam water per year over the next 35 years. The signed contracts…

Tom Belford28 April 2016

Dam project struggling to hold water

23 April 2016

That’s the title of Friday’s editorial in the NZ Herald commenting on the proposed Ruataniwha dam. Here’s the concluding paragraph … “Irrigation projects, properly designed and funded by those who benefit from them, play a vital role in the New…

Tom Belford23 April 2016

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Announcing public forums on dam

18 February 2016

Regional Councillors Barker, Beaven, Graham and myself are conducting four public forums throughout Hawke’s Bay in March to discuss water storage in HB and the proposed Ruataniwha Dam. I hope you’ll attend one of these sessions … and spread the word…

Tom Belford18 February 2016

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Dam losing legs, springing leaks

09 February 2016

Despite the fact that the case for the $600 million CHB dam is being cleaved faster than a ‘Walking Dead’ zombie, the scheme crawls on. At the last Regional Council meeting, councillors Wilson, Scott, Hewitt, Dick and Pipe voted another…

Tom Belford09 February 2016