Water quality. Water storage. Water allocation. Top of mind for a region that likes to grow stuff, yet wishes to protect its freshwater ecosystems and recreation opportunities, as well as its aquifers.

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TANK aims for transformation

03 October 2019

For over six years a group of about 35 stakeholders — including Peter Beaven and me for the Regional Council — investigated the best way to manage the land, waterways and aquifers of the Heretaunga Plains. This so-called TANK group…

Tom Belford03 October 2019

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Twyford Trailblazing

01 June 2018

This is a story of how irrigators can grow and maintain the excellent quality of our Hawke’s Bay produce by having access to reliable and sustainable irrigation, while benefitting our environment and community at the same time.  Growers of perishable…

Jerf von Beek01 June 2018

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Watery Origins

29 January 2018

Ko wai? No wai? Mo wai? Who are you? Where did you come from? Who do you stand for? This is a traditional greeting protocol of Maori. “Wai” means water, so “Ko wai?” literally means where are your birthing waters…

Ngahiwi Tomoana29 January 2018

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Where the Buck Stops

24 October 2017

THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES is one of the most enduring images from antiquity. Damocles, you may recall, was a courtier in the service of his king, Dionysius II of Syracuse. Syracuse remains a pretty little town in the southeast of…

Paul Paynter24 October 2017

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29 May 2017

It’s hard to choose where to begin in writing an update on the multitude of water issues confronting Hawke’s Bay. Every part of the region is grappling with challenges involving water quality or supply, and the land use issues that…

Tom Belford29 May 2017

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Half-time at the Havelock Water Inquiry

03 April 2017

So grave was the situation, New Zealand’s Attorney General, Chris Finlayson, called for a Government Inquiry. THE INQUIRY, WHICH STARTED LAST OCTOBER , was set up to look at how the Havelock North water supply became contaminated, how this was…

Sophie Price03 April 2017

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Whose Water is it Anyway?

03 April 2017

At the end of last year I came home to Havelock North to see signs banning sprinklers . . . in December! Thinking about all those water bottling consents recently issued in Hawke’s Bay, my hackles rose and I quickly…

David Trubridge03 April 2017

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Water in the tank

29 March 2017

“People have got to have options. There must be a plan that allows for complexity; it has to have nuance, sensitivity, not be a blunt universal tool.” BRUCE MACKAY, HEINZ WATTIE’S An intricate web of water issues  surrounds the Hastings/Napier…

Bridget Freeman-Rock29 March 2017

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HBRC Furiously Forensic

02 December 2016

As HBRC sees it, the most likely explanation for New Zealand’s largest water-borne contamination is that sheep poo, flushed from nearby grazing land into streams and surface water got into drinking water through a weakness in the Brookvale Rd bores…

Keith Newman02 December 2016

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Something In The Water.

02 December 2016

“Good Afternoon. This is just to give you all an update on a developing issue we [are] just becoming aware of,” the DHB’s Maree Rohleder said in a 12.53pm email. The issue was that the HDC had alerted the DHB…

Sophie Price02 December 2016

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Pristine Water?

02 December 2016

FOR SEVERAL WEEKS, the outbreak was the focus of attention for affected families, Havelock businesses, local politicians, councils and the health system, and local and national media. Except for a few individuals suffering complications from the initial infection, the health…

Tom Belford02 December 2016

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5,000 sick in five days

16 November 2016

DHB chief Kevin Snee says the joke in public health circles is that these things always happen on a Friday afternoon when the boss is away. That was the case here, with Caroline McElnay, Director of Population Health, on sabbatical…

Jess Soutar Barron16 November 2016

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Boring into Gastrogate

04 October 2016

Readers need little reminder of the impact of the campylobacter outbreak in Havelock North. The District Health Board estimated that more than 5,000 people, approximately one-third of the 14,000 residents of that community, and half of its households had been…

Tom Belford04 October 2016

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Fear of Falling

15 August 2016

Rotten eggs The Tukituki river flows as a trickle under the Patangata Bridge and the countryside is parched dry. There’s been no significant rain for many months. Yet scattered across the scorched landscape are a few flat patches of green.…

Mark Sweet15 August 2016

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Manufacturing ‘Pure’ Water

31 May 2016

Think of ‘pure’ water … the kind in a bottle. What springs to mind? Probably images of vibrant water cascading over rocks, snow-capped mountains, a crystal clear river meandering its way through thick forest teeming with native birds. Like the…

Sarah Cates31 May 2016

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Garden of Eden or White Elephant?

31 May 2016

With requisite farmers, an investor, and lenders apparently at the ready, will the Ruataniwha dam proceed, or will it remain contested for several more months? Standing in the way are hurdles including a lawsuit and an election. On May 26,…

Tom Belford31 May 2016

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Political Buzz

31 March 2016

Our councils are trying to get several big ticket spending projects over the finish line in the next two to three months – velodrome, Opera House strengthening, dam – plus a proposal before CHB ratepayers to spend $1.5 million per…

Tom Belford31 March 2016

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Prospects for Apples and Grapes

31 January 2016

Proponents of the Ruataniwha dam have projected additional productive investment in orcharding and grape growing as an outcome of the scheme. As a fourth generation orchardist, consultant, apple breeder, export coordinator of apples and wine, here is my assessment of…

David Cranwell31 January 2016

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'Pure' Water ... Really?

30 November 2015

What is an EOC? Many of these contaminants are not new or ‘emerging’ at all. Indeed they have been part of our everyday lives for decades. New compounds are created through the fusion of chemicals or changes in the use…

Sarah Cates30 November 2015

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The Dam

21 May 2014

Tukituki Protected … but what about the Dam? By Tom Belford Environmentally prudent water management took a leap forward in April when a Board of Inquiry ordered a stringent regulatory plan for protecting the Tukituki. Show us the Money By…

BayBuzz21 May 2014