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Whose Water is it Anyway?

03 April 2017

At the end of last year I came home to Havelock North to see signs banning sprinklers . . . in December! Thinking about all those water bottling consents recently issued in Hawke’s Bay, my hackles rose and I quickly…

David Trubridge03 April 2017

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Farmer Steps Up for Lake Tutira

01 April 2017

The Regional Council proposes to significantly step-up a community-wide effort to clean-up Lake Tutira … and further, to make that area a model of integrated management to achieve all of the environmental, economic and social benefits that are latent in…

Tom Belford01 April 2017

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Water in the tank

29 March 2017

“People have got to have options. There must be a plan that allows for complexity; it has to have nuance, sensitivity, not be a blunt universal tool.” BRUCE MACKAY, HEINZ WATTIE’S An intricate web of water issues  surrounds the Hastings/Napier…

Bridget Freeman-Rock29 March 2017

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HBRC Furiously Forensic

02 December 2016

As HBRC sees it, the most likely explanation for New Zealand’s largest water-borne contamination is that sheep poo, flushed from nearby grazing land into streams and surface water got into drinking water through a weakness in the Brookvale Rd bores…

Keith Newman02 December 2016

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Something In The Water.

02 December 2016

“Good Afternoon. This is just to give you all an update on a developing issue we [are] just becoming aware of,” the DHB’s Maree Rohleder said in a 12.53pm email. The issue was that the HDC had alerted the DHB…

Sophie Price02 December 2016

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Pristine Water?

02 December 2016

FOR SEVERAL WEEKS, the outbreak was the focus of attention for affected families, Havelock businesses, local politicians, councils and the health system, and local and national media. Except for a few individuals suffering complications from the initial infection, the health…

Tom Belford02 December 2016

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5,000 sick in five days

16 November 2016

DHB chief Kevin Snee says the joke in public health circles is that these things always happen on a Friday afternoon when the boss is away. That was the case here, with Caroline McElnay, Director of Population Health, on sabbatical…

Jess Soutar Barron16 November 2016

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Boring into Gastrogate

04 October 2016

Readers need little reminder of the impact of the campylobacter outbreak in Havelock North. The District Health Board estimated that more than 5,000 people, approximately one-third of the 14,000 residents of that community, and half of its households had been…

Tom Belford04 October 2016

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Tukituki is farmers' drain - feedlot photos

02 September 2016

I suppose we should be gratified that so many people seem at last to be climbing aboard the Tukituki clean-up cause. The list even includes Hastings Council candidates and HDC refugees like Cynthia Bowers, whose husband, Ewan McGregor, during his terms…

Tom Belford02 September 2016