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'Pure' Water ... Really?

30 November 2015

What is an EOC? Many of these contaminants are not new or ‘emerging’ at all. Indeed they have been part of our everyday lives for decades. New compounds are created through the fusion of chemicals or changes in the use…

Sarah Cates30 November 2015

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WINZ: The Last Place You Want To Be

30 November 2015

But Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) is no longer just the domain of the archetypal beneficiary: long-term, multi-generational and hopeless. Look closer and there’s also the woman in the business suit with the plastic folder and the man with…

Jess Soutar Barron30 November 2015

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A Tyresome Business

30 November 2015

Other reasons why our rubber rejects are back on the road include the fact Auckland processing plants can’t keep up; local markets for shredded, chipped, crumbed, cooked and other by-product haven’t been developed; and opposition grows to exporting whole tyres.…

Keith Newman30 November 2015

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Political Buzz

30 November 2015

The Dam Let’s start with the dam, as the months of November and December could well prove decisive, if all goes according to HBRIC’s forecasting. HBRIC, the Regional Council’s holding company seeking to advance the scheme, has done its utmost…

Tom Belford30 November 2015

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Wattie’s: How Close to Closing?

30 November 2015

An automatic termination period (ATP) on anti-dumping tariffs, part of the 2014 Budget, would have had devastating flow-on effects for Hawke’s Bay at a time when local producers are already under pressure to lower their prices to the likes of…

Keith Newman30 November 2015

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EIT: The Little Engine That Could

28 September 2015

To others, including many influencers (many of them university-educated outside Hawke’s Bay), EIT, whatever its acknowledged achievements, is nonetheless a reminder of something our region lacks … a full-fledged university. Which of these views should prevail? What do they do…

Tom Belford28 September 2015

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Your views on Te Mata Peak please

01 November 2015

I’m confident that every single person reading this post has enjoyed Te Mata Peak firsthand. And I’ll bet you’ve taken most…

How much water did you say?

20 October 2015

Some entrepreneurs and politicians in Hawke’s Bay want to export millions of cubic metres of Heretaunga aquifer water. After all,…

Border ceremony unveiled

30 September 2015

In the new spirit of pan-Hawke’s Bay collaboration and diplomatic solidarity, Mayors Lawrence Yule and Bill Dalton today unveiled a…

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Roger King: What does Hawke's Bay need?

03 September 2015

Bring the arts and creativity into business in Hawke’s Bay. “In London, the creativity sector is actually bigger than the financial services sector.”