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EIT: The Little Engine That Could

28 September 2015

To others, including many influencers (many of them university-educated outside Hawke’s Bay), EIT, whatever its acknowledged achievements, is nonetheless a reminder of something our region lacks … a full-fledged university. Which of these views should prevail? What do they do…

Tom Belford28 September 2015

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Goat Dairy: A New Kid for the Bay

28 September 2015

Two New Zealand companies have recently confirmed their intention to establish processing plants and a supply network here to feed into a large and growing global niche market. In exchange, we offer the perfect climate (dry, sunny), cheap land, infrastructure,…

Bridget Freeman-Rock28 September 2015

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Smart Farming Key to Paydirt

28 September 2015

Dan Bloomer manager of the LandWISE experimental MicroFarm in Hastings is convinced it’s time for a “dirt to the market” overhaul of farming practices, and for farmers to get up to speed with the agrarian computer revolution. He’s one of…

Keith Newman28 September 2015

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With Amalgamation Sorted ... What Next?

23 September 2015

With the outcome decided, politicians will continue posturing, council officers will continue planning and drawing up policies, interest groups will continue fighting for funds and a place on the priority list, but hopefully we’ll all be ready to move on…

Jess Soutar Barron23 September 2015

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Exporting Hawke’s Bay’s Brainpower

30 July 2015

Hawke’s Bay is typically defined by its climate and landscape. Primary industry is clearly our region’s principal economic sector, and rightly so. We produce worldclass food and wine. It’s in our DNA. Hawke’s Bay’s strong agrarian sector and abundant natural…

Nic Magdalinos30 July 2015

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The Business Of Birth

30 July 2015

Nine months from now the first baby will be born in the new primary birthing unit in the grounds of Hawke’s Bay Hospital. As yet unnamed, the unit is currently just a seed, germinating in a hole in the carpark.…

Jess Soutar Barron30 July 2015

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Your views on Te Mata Peak please

01 November 2015

I’m confident that every single person reading this post has enjoyed Te Mata Peak firsthand. And I’ll bet you’ve taken most…

How much water did you say?

20 October 2015

Some entrepreneurs and politicians in Hawke’s Bay want to export millions of cubic metres of Heretaunga aquifer water. After all,…

Border ceremony unveiled

30 September 2015

In the new spirit of pan-Hawke’s Bay collaboration and diplomatic solidarity, Mayors Lawrence Yule and Bill Dalton today unveiled a…

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Roger King: What does Hawke's Bay need?

03 September 2015

Bring the arts and creativity into business in Hawke’s Bay. “In London, the creativity sector is actually bigger than the financial services sector.”