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Controversy Renews at Ocean Beach

31 May 2016

Will Ocean Beach become a leading-edge, ecotourism destination or succumb to over-development? Its future hangs in the balance as developers prepare to challenge Hastings District Council (HDC), Maori concerns and conservationists over zoning limitations at the Environment Court later this…

Keith Newman31 May 2016

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Where Does HB’s Food Future Lie?

31 May 2016

Introduction by Tom Belford Our region’s branding history includes ‘fruitbowl’, ‘wine country’ and, with broader meaning, ‘we grow great things’. To some, our food makes Hawke’s Bay a destination … a place to visit to sample world-class restaurants serving our…

Jess Soutar Barron31 May 2016

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Manufacturing ‘Pure’ Water

31 May 2016

Think of ‘pure’ water … the kind in a bottle. What springs to mind? Probably images of vibrant water cascading over rocks, snow-capped mountains, a crystal clear river meandering its way through thick forest teeming with native birds. Like the…

Sarah Cates31 May 2016

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Garden of Eden or White Elephant?

31 May 2016

With requisite farmers, an investor, and lenders apparently at the ready, will the Ruataniwha dam proceed, or will it remain contested for several more months? Standing in the way are hurdles including a lawsuit and an election. On May 26,…

Tom Belford31 May 2016

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Vakameasina [Treasures of Learning]

31 May 2016

The classroom is a pre-fab. Nearby, an ex-school hall has been converted to a lounge with comfy sofas and chairs, big flat screen TV, and a pool table. Across the driveway is a dining room and kitchen, and in a…

Mark Sweet31 May 2016

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Climate Change …

31 March 2016

How the Bay will feel the heat As I reported in the last edition of BayBuzz (Only a Chance to Save the Planet), world leaders may have agreed in Paris to keep global warming below a two degree rise and…

Bridget Freeman-Rock31 March 2016

Tom's Blog

$36 million ... for what?!

12 June 2016

Last Thursday, five members of the Regional Council shelved — at least for now — the proposal for ratepayers to…

BayBuzz editor threatened!

19 May 2016

As reported by BayBuzz informer … Chairman Fenton Wilson, at HBRIC plotting session: “I’m not saying you shouldn’t punch out…

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Roger King: What does Hawke's Bay need?

03 September 2015

Bring the arts and creativity into business in Hawke’s Bay. “In London, the creativity sector is actually bigger than the financial services sector.”


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