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Kill less fish

16 August 2016

At the national level, the Labour Party complains: “The relationship between the Ministry and the commercial fishing industry is too cosy. First, MPI refuses to prosecute inshore trawlers despite evidence of large scale illegal fish dumping, and now it has…

Tom Belford16 August 2016

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Agritech, the New Queen of Green

16 August 2016

It’s no secret that tech is the new black. Young and nimble start-ups in the technology and digital space are now a dime a dozen worldwide, not to mention the hot favourites amongst investors and governments worldwide. Let’s face it,…

Rosie Bosworth16 August 2016

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Fear of Falling

15 August 2016

Rotten eggs The Tukituki river flows as a trickle under the Patangata Bridge and the countryside is parched dry. There’s been no significant rain for many months. Yet scattered across the scorched landscape are a few flat patches of green.…

Mark Sweet15 August 2016

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Little Silos Won’t Lift the Bay

15 August 2016

Mayor Yule’s ‘Poor but Happy’ slideshow, the one he touted around the region during the campaign, held sad statistics about employment, education, housing, and is still relevant. The consensus among decision makers today is that the socio-economic challenges facing Hawke’s…

Jess Soutar Barron15 August 2016

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A Plug for Electric Vehicles

15 August 2016

Electric cars moved from functional to desirable this year with the eye-catching Tesla range highlighting an emerging paradigm shift from fossil fuel to the electric dream of zero emission transport. Bloomberg New Energy Finance prophecies the 2020s will be the…

Keith Newman15 August 2016

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Controversy Renews at Ocean Beach

31 May 2016

Will Ocean Beach become a leading-edge, ecotourism destination or succumb to over-development? Its future hangs in the balance as developers prepare to challenge Hastings District Council (HDC), Maori concerns and conservationists over zoning limitations at the Environment Court later this…

Keith Newman31 May 2016

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Voting papers out

18 September 2016

Voting papers have started to arrive, and I hope you will take this opportunity to have your say, whoever your…

Thanks to my endorsers

11 September 2016

Not everyone is prepared to ‘nail their colours to the mast’ when it comes to their preferred candidates in local…

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Roger King: What does Hawke's Bay need?

03 September 2015

Bring the arts and creativity into business in Hawke’s Bay. “In London, the creativity sector is actually bigger than the financial services sector.”


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