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BayBuzz provides a heap of information on amalgamation. Because how we choose to be governed locally is the biggest political decision we'll make for decades. READ MORE


The Board of Inquiry final decision on water quality and the proposed dam. Big issues tackled in preparation for our five councils’ next ten-year plans ... READ MORE


We’re thrilled to have the date for the vote on local governance reorganisation set. The feedback we’re receiving is Hawke’s Bay people are too. READ MORE


With a clear and strategic plan we can focus our efforts on those things that will be better for the whole region, creating jobs and wealth. READ MORE

TW018330-Ruahine Ranges Snow bush and farmland

My long standing feeling has always been that this region, with its well-defined ring of mountains, three rivers and resulting plains needs an overarching plan. READ MORE


Tribalism. It seems to cause a great deal of trouble in the world. People find ways of delineating themselves into ‘us and them’. READ MORE


Business owners who hold the reins too tightly for too long can put the future of their enterprises at risk. And the region’s economy can suffer as a consequence. READ MORE

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Is Mānuka a Sweet Solution for Hawke’s Bay? The unique medicinal properties of New Zealand’s mānuka honey make it the most lucrative and sought after honey in the world. READ MORE


Nine months from now the first baby will be born in the new primary birthing unit in the grounds of Hawke’s Bay Hospital. As yet unnamed, the unit is currently just a seed. READ MORE


Hawke’s Bay is typically defined by its climate and landscape. Primary industry is clearly our region’s principal economic sector, and rightly so. READ MORE