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Post-amalgamation video interviews: Yule & Dalton

18 September 2015

I conducted in-depth ‘post-amalgamation’ video interviews this week with Mayors Yule and Dalton. Victor and vanquished addressed the referendum campaign, mending fences, the messages they take from the 2:1 defeat of the reorganisation proposal, and ‘what happens next?’ Looking ahead, most importantly,…

BayBuzz18 September 2015

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Amalgamation crushed

15 September 2015

The voters have spoken. By a 66% to 34% margin, amalgamation has been rejected — 44,681 votes against, 22,649 for (reflecting 97% of returns). Here is the area breakdown: Napier: 84% against, 16% for Hastings: 48% against, 51% for CHB:…

BayBuzz15 September 2015

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The Dam

21 May 2014

Tukituki Protected … but what about the Dam? By Tom Belford Environmentally prudent water management took a leap forward in April when a Board of Inquiry ordered a stringent regulatory plan for protecting the Tukituki. Show us the Money By…

BayBuzz21 May 2014

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25 Stars to Watch in 2013

28 December 2012

The new year brings us fresh aspirations and expectations for ourselves, our families and our community. Hawke’s Bay will be carried forward in the coming year by many familiar, longstanding leaders in our various sectors, many of whom we’ve featured…

BayBuzz28 December 2012

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50 water storage questions

10 May 2012

General Status of Tukituki Catchment 1. What is HBRC’s position on the current – or benchmark – environmental health of the Tukituki? Do environmentalists or other government assessments agree with that assessment? 2. What standards, indicators or measures will HBRC…

BayBuzz10 May 2012

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They're back

08 May 2012

A familiar story told in Hawke’s Bay is of the prodigal son or daughter. BayBuzz is heartened to see many Hawke’s Bay ex-pats returning to the fold with rich experiences and enhanced skills. We ask the ‘returnees’ where did they…

BayBuzz08 May 2012

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They're Back

02 September 2011

BayBuzz is heartened to see many Hawke’s Bay ex-pats returning to the fold with rich experiences and enhanced skills. We ask the ‘returnees’ where did they go, what did they do and what prompted their return. The Auckland commute was…

BayBuzz02 September 2011

Sunset for Regional Council?

16 April 2010

Which body has primary responsibility for protecting our local environment here in the Bay? Arguably the Regional Council. But a variety of forces threaten to disempower that role. Death by the guillotine, or by a thousand cuts? Here’s my assessment…

BayBuzz16 April 2010

'Take a hiding for nothing'

12 April 2010

On 27 February 2008 then-Health Minister David Cunliffe fired the seven freshly elected members of the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board and appointed outsider Sir John Anderson as Commissioner to run the DHB. After months of political and legal jockeying,…

BayBuzz12 April 2010