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Chefs spill the Beans

09 February 2017

Word of warning – this is not a beginner’s guide to becoming an instant success in the kitchen. For tips on the right temperature for grilling cheese on toast, look elsewhere. But for aspiring cooks who like a little praise for whipping up…

Michal McKay09 February 2017

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Setting ourselves apart

09 February 2017

Our Bostock New Zealand customers all around the world are demanding premium produce. There is no doubt that our pure New Zealand brand gives us a competitive economic advantage. Our business, which employs over 800 people at the peak of…

John Bostock09 February 2017

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‘Natural’ … the new ‘Premium’

09 February 2017

Fact. A growing global population requires a growing amount of food. Fact. A large amount of that food will need to be produced as cheaply as possible and as effi ciently as possible in as much bulk as possible. Fact.…

Kim Thorp09 February 2017

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Hungry in the Bay

09 February 2017

Child poverty has received much focus recently in New Zealand, with the Child Poverty Monitor indicating up to a third of the country’s kids now live below the poverty line – defi ned as NZ households earning less than 60%…

Bridget Freeman-Rock09 February 2017

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Lifting The Bar For Hawke's Bay Farming

09 February 2017

Numerous studies – such as Call to Arms, refl ecting a panel including Sir Graeme Avery – have indicated the full potential of New Zealand’s agricultural sector, and by implication, the possibilities for Hawke’s Bay. What might we aspire to? Call…

Tom Belford09 February 2017

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Scaling up the food value chain

09 February 2017

‘Add value in the food chain’ is a decades old mantra. But it’s mere rhetoric, unless we support and capitalise on the success of existing entrepreneurs, niche exporters, and the next generation of smart companies wanting to add a premium…

Keith Newman09 February 2017

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Political Watershed

02 December 2016

New Faces To Watch: Paul Bailey, Alex Walker, Damon Harvey, Geraldine Travers, Larry Dallimore, Claire Hague. And veterans waving goodbye:…

Secrecy rules at Regional Council

04 October 2016

Here’s my Talking Point on council secrecy (unabridged version), published Wed in HB Today. Win or lose, I will continue…

Voting papers out

18 September 2016

Voting papers have started to arrive, and I hope you will take this opportunity to have your say, whoever your…

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Roger King: What does Hawke's Bay need?

03 September 2015

Bring the arts and creativity into business in Hawke’s Bay. “In London, the creativity sector is actually bigger than the financial services sector.”


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