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What’s for Dinner?

01 August 2019

Cooking a meal every night, night after night is not a new thing for homo sapiens (which I assume we all are).  We have been struggling with this problem since our forebears had to put themselves under threat of being…

Alexandra Tylee01 August 2019

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Comfort Food

01 June 2019

Sometimes something as simple as having your family sitting down together at a table and eating a meal together, in the light of modern stresses, can become very precious indeed and is a wonderful opportunity to nurture and nourish.  By…

Alexandra Tylee01 June 2019

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The Blessed Drink

01 April 2019

I think for most or at least a lot of New Zealanders the ritualistic drinking of espresso coffee at times could match many ancient cult rituals. As for when this change occurred … well for those of us old enough…

Alexandra Tylee01 April 2019

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Preserve the memories

01 February 2019

Since I was very young, summer in Hawke’s Bay has for me been synonymous with haymaking, Christmas lilies, and an urgent fever of activity directed at the abundance of fruit and vegetables that burst forth.  Whenever I see a jar…

Alexandra Tylee01 February 2019

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Christmas Food? No Pressure!

01 December 2018

When I was growing up, Christmas was all about the food, and you knew exactly what food this would be, especially the puddings.  I remember every year with wonderful regularity the dining room table groaning and moaning under the weight…

Alexandra Tylee01 December 2018

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Food as Medicine

01 August 2018

Three simple recipes to make you feel better this winter. As a cook and restaurant owner I am naturally very interested in the healing ability of different foods. One of the things that constantly draws me to the kitchen and…

Alexandra Tylee01 August 2018

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Taste TOP5

08 June 2015

Also the way it is such a basic need and desire … it brings everyone back to the earth or the sea or the land and to their own roots. We have all had lots of great meals, but for…

Alexandra Tylee08 June 2015