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Who wants to be Napier mayor?

10 September 2019

In the last three years, our little jewel on the east coast of ‘100% Pure NZ’ has gone from having crystal-clear, artesian tap water joyfully flowing from our taps, to gunky brown, manganese-laced, chlorine-smelling liquid, discolouring baths and hand basins…

Andrew Frame10 September 2019

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Caveat Suffragator – Voter Beware!

01 August 2019

By the time you are reading this column, nominations for Hawke’s Bay’s local body elections will be opening (nominations open on Friday 19 July) and those who hope to become mayors or councillors will have started sticking their heads up…

Andrew Frame01 August 2019

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Time to demand answers

01 June 2019

With local body elections only around five months away, it’s time to start asking questions of those who fancy themselves taking a seat at the council table.  Here are four Napier issues I want to hear clear, public positions on…

Andrew Frame01 June 2019

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A Sink or Swim Year

01 April 2019

2019 is a local body election year, and with a myriad of issues facing Napier ratepayers over the last term, it is set to be an election that will determine whether the city sinks under management misinformation, rising sea levels…

Andrew Frame01 April 2019

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Poop in Pandora

01 December 2018

During early September’s atrocious weather, Napier’s continuing water woes became even more evident. Napier City Council (NCC) issued a notification for residents to refrain from taking baths, or flushing toilets for 36 hours on 5 September, as the city’s wastewater…

Andrew Frame01 December 2018

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Book to the Future

01 August 2018

In 2017, after the Christchurch and Kaikōura earthquakes re-wrote the books on structural earthquake strength, Napier City Council had their main offices and neighbouring Napier Public Library re-assessed, despite them having received high safety ratings only a few years earlier. …

Andrew Frame01 August 2018

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“Say It Napier!” … Anyone Listening?

01 June 2018

Once again we enter that rarest of times (other than elections) where local councils appear to take an actual interest in what their ratepayers say and think – Long Term Plan consultation. This period’s consultation for Napier ratepayers focuses largely…

Andrew Frame01 June 2018

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Lest We Forget

01 May 2018

They say ‘truth is the first casualty’ in war. The same could be said of war memorials. Concerned citizens have waged a protracted battle with Napier City Council over the future of the city’s (former) War Memorial on Marine Parade…

Andrew Frame01 May 2018

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John Scott: Come Fly With Me

29 January 2018

Local trout fishing, fly tying, and environmental legend John Scott says Hawke’s Bay is very spoilt for choice with its myriad of rivers and fishing spots and a relatively low number of anglers. And he’s worked hard to ensure this…

Andrew Frame29 January 2018