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Sustainable Supplies

01 December 2019

Seasonal cooking and local supplies are what we’re talking about when we talk about sustainable food here.  Really seasonal and really local is an interesting way to cook – it constrains you in some ways, which can be really good…

James Beck01 December 2019

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Restaurant People

01 October 2019

Napier’s Bistronomy recently won Best Restaurant at the 2019 Hawke’s Bay Hospitality Awards, and it holds two Cuisine Award hats. Owners James Beck and Amber Linter-Cole are working towards sustainability in all aspects of their business, including the complex area…

James Beck01 October 2019

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08 April 2015

Why? First, by supporting our local growers and producers we develop a personal relationship with our community and in turn they support us. With smaller growers there’s diversity in what I’m bringing into my kitchen because it’s coming from a range…

James Beck08 April 2015