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Winds of Change

01 May 2018

It’s happening everywhere, things are changing and becoming more global by the minute. We are all sharing the same ideas and concepts simultaneously, and recording our experiences live. The food hospitality industry would have to be the number one victim…

Kent Baddeley01 May 2018

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06 April 2016

For example, we have commentators saying fine dining is dead! Let’s look at this. Does this mean restaurants will not carefully source and cook presentable food? Does it mean restaurants won’t have staff that will nurture you and create a…

Kent Baddeley06 April 2016

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Taste Hawke’s Bay

08 February 2015

The Hawke’s Bay food world has had a very interesting year. Some ups, and certainly some downs. It all started out good. Rock star economy was mentioned; but was it? As it is in most election years, restaurant spending was slight…

Kent Baddeley08 February 2015