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Napier Got Cool!

01 February 2020

I’m talking the inner city … Ahuriri watch out! Lots of little elements – poetry on external walls, so much good coffee, the walkability of the main shopping and dining area, the galleries clustered nice and close, the sea breeze…

Lizzie Russell01 February 2020

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Fruitful Summer

01 February 2020

Juiciest nectarines, plump peaches, red-fleshed plums, sun-ripened strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, boysenberries, chin-dripping apricots, poppin-good cherries, delectable melons – Hawke’s Bay does it all, and we do it best. This is home to 31% of the approximately 1,840 ha of summerfruit…

Lizzie Russell01 February 2020

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The Urban Winery

01 December 2019

The Heritage 1 listed building was designed by Louis Hay, built in 1933 and is owned by Big Save’s McKimm family. It now houses craft brewery B Side Beer, the soon-to-be-opened National Distillery, and for the last two years Tony…

Lizzie Russell01 December 2019

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The Human Project

01 October 2019

When BayBuzz visits, the three dancers are not dancing at all. At this stage, a couple of months before the festival arrives, the collaborators are in the research and discussion phase of making a dance piece.  Creating art, it seems,…

Lizzie Russell01 October 2019

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Philipp Meier: Steel Tailor

01 August 2019

Lying down the centre of the workshop is Te Kanohi o Te Manu (The Eye of the Bird) in progress. Made from Corten steel Philipp has curved and manipulated into flowing planes, the 10-metre-tall and 14-metre-long pied shag sculpture will…

Lizzie Russell01 August 2019

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Poetry Rooted in Hawke’s Bay

01 May 2018

The New Zealand Poet Laureate award is a celebration of New Zealand poetry. At its roots are relationships that connect the world of poetry to a slice of Hawke’s Bay, thanks to over twenty years of commitment from Te Mata…

Lizzie Russell01 May 2018

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Hamish Pinkham

20 March 2018

When Taradale-raised Hamish Pinkham and two university mates started work setting up an end-of-year party for 1,800 revellers in late 2003, one possible site was Waimarama, another was a picturesque vineyard in Gisborne. Waiohika Estate won them over in the…

Lizzie Russell20 March 2018

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Active in Hawke’s Bay

29 January 2018

1 Join the Club! Here in the Bay we have a multitude of sports and hobby clubs, all eager to grow their memberships. Longer days make summer a great time to try something new or reconnect with an interest or…

Lizzie Russell29 January 2018

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The New Masters

24 December 2017

EIT’s art and design division – ideaschool – has this year produced its first cohort of graduates from the newly established post-grad programme, the Masters of Professional Creative Practice / Te Hono ki Toi (Poutiriao). Raewyn Paterson, Susan Mabin, Pita…

Lizzie Russell24 December 2017

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Gerard and Common Room

02 August 2017

“IT’S HOSPITALITY – It’s not complicated,” says Common Room’s Gerard Barron. “You make people feel comfortable. You make them feel safe. You offer them good wine, and drinks and food. That’s it.” I’ve come to find out from Gerard just…

Lizzie Russell02 August 2017

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Finding Home: Michele Bryant & Johnny Brough

03 June 2017

A relocated house, views of the Ngaruroro River, a former schoolhouse now studio, and a custom-built courier pick-up shelter are making life work for former Wellington artists Michele Bryant and Johnny Brough. High on a hill above the river and…

Lizzie Russell03 June 2017

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The Great Collaborator

03 April 2017

To drink coffee with sculptor Rick Terstappen is to hear stories. His art-packed cottage adjoining the workshop just outside Havelock North is a cosy space filled with stories – some tall, some true, and some so colourful and gorgeously mad…

Lizzie Russell03 April 2017

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04 February 2017

While obesity rates are up, awareness around nutrition is too. In answering the BayBuzz ‘How We Eat’ survey, our readers shared their specific dietary habits/ preferences, showing that the majority of respondents make definite nutritional choices about their food –…

Lizzie Russell04 February 2017

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Watching Over the Water

24 December 2016

the Waimarama Surf Lifesaving Club is a community of around 350 salty sea lovers. Throughout summer the club operates surf patrols at the beach on Saturdays and Sundays as well as training young and not-so-young surf lovers in skills from…

Lizzie Russell24 December 2016

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Key to Success Is Teamwork

05 June 2016

“People ask me how I’m getting on down here, meeting people and so on, and I tell them I think I’ve met just about every tradesman around, they have just been marvellous.” The irony is that Michal McKay, Hawke’s Bay’s…

Lizzie Russell05 June 2016

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Grand Old Dames with Fresh New Energy

05 June 2016

Mangapapa Hotel Originally the home of Sir James and Lady Wattie, this slice of Hawke’s Bay history was purchased by Japanese buyers in 1998. It’s just had a $4 million, six-month refurbishment, and Mangapapa has already received a TripAdvisor Travellers’…

Lizzie Russell05 June 2016

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Who's Wired?

06 April 2016

Actually this question is already a bit archaic as wireless access to the Internet has quickly become the norm globally. And New Zealand is no exception. According to Nielsen NZ, fully 70% of New Zealanders now own a mobile connected…

Lizzie Russell06 April 2016

Hawke’s Bay’s Literary Pursuits

10 May 2013

When you think of Hawke’s Bay, do you imagine a literary hub – a thriving centre of writing and publishing? If you don’t, look a little closer. There is a growing number of events and activities to keep word-lovers engaged…

Lizzie Russell10 May 2013

TAONGA MAORI connecting to place & past

30 December 2012

Hawke’s Bay’s nationally-recognised collection of taonga Mãori will spread its wings when the new museum opens in September, as Lizzie Russell reports. Beyond what visitors will see in the exhibition spaces, there’s much more to any museum, in particular our…

Lizzie Russell30 December 2012

What’s art without an audience?

07 November 2012

Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to attend Creative New Zealand’s 21st Century Arts Conference 2012 in Wellington. The theme was ‘building audience capital’. The audience and their needs and wants were at the centre of it all.…

Lizzie Russell07 November 2012