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Wealth Inequality… The Asset Gap

04 October 2016

There have always been those at the top of the wealth pyramid and those at the bottom. Early Hawke’s Bay settlers like Henry Tiffen and J.N. Williams amassed fortunes from fruit growing and processing. Meat baron William Nelson was so…

Mark Sweet04 October 2016

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Fear of Falling

15 August 2016

Rotten eggs The Tukituki river flows as a trickle under the Patangata Bridge and the countryside is parched dry. There’s been no significant rain for many months. Yet scattered across the scorched landscape are a few flat patches of green.…

Mark Sweet15 August 2016

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Vakameasina [Treasures of Learning]

31 May 2016

The classroom is a pre-fab. Nearby, an ex-school hall has been converted to a lounge with comfy sofas and chairs, big flat screen TV, and a pool table. Across the driveway is a dining room and kitchen, and in a…

Mark Sweet31 May 2016

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Islam in Hawke’s Bay

19 January 2015

Salaam alay-kum Peace be with you All over the world, at the core of every Muslim community, is the mosque. An elegant hip roofed building in Hastings, originally built for the Church of Christian Science, serves that purpose for the…

Mark Sweet19 January 2015

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Little Punjab

05 December 2014

Jarnail Singh We meet in his dairy on Joll Road in Havelock North. Jarnail Singh took over last year, after being made redundant when Park Estate Winery went into receivership. He had worked there as a viticulturist for 22 years.…

Mark Sweet05 December 2014

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Who Owns Us?

02 October 2014

Forty years ago, when Hastings was The Fruit Bowl of New Zealand, Hawke’s Bay’s undisputed king of commerce was Sir James Wattie, and he drove a silver Bentley between his stately home, Mangapapa, and the food processing factory that bore…

Mark Sweet02 October 2014

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Follow the Leader

09 September 2013

All over Hawke’s Bay, wherever we drive, hoardings of candidates in the local body elections pepper the roadsides. Some names and faces we know, others are new, and most have a byline. ‘Proven’, says a mayor standing for his fifth…

Mark Sweet09 September 2013

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Gay Marriage Coming to the Bay

08 July 2013

Just because they’re now legal, doesn’t mean Hawke’s Bay churches are ready to perform same-sex marriages. Mark Sweet talks to clergy. “All the world is queer save thee and me, and even thou art a little queer.” Robert Owen “Christians…

Mark Sweet08 July 2013