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A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course


30,000 years ago our human forebears painted pictures of horses on the walls of caves, and the images clearly demonstrate a close relationship. For the cave painters, horses were as…

Mark Sweet10 May 2013

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On Death and Dying


“All forms of life on this earth have their periods of birth, infancy, youth, maturity, and finally decay.” Jim Clayton, Napier One of my grandfathers said he “wanted to die…

Mark Sweet07 November 2012

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The other side


Once again, BayBuzz has asked our resident explorer of the alternative, Mark Sweet, to take us somewhere few of us generally go. Or in this case, maybe all of us…

Mark Sweet05 September 2012

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New age is old age

Social Magazine

People with visions are usually outward looking … determined to transform their business, community or even the world. As a counterpoint, BayBuzz asked Mark Sweet to explore the realm of…

Mark Sweet04 January 2012

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After Midnight


It’s midnight on Saturday, and in the lobby of the Napier Police Station someone has posted a poem on the reinforced glass panel that separates us from them. I am the one where you…

Mark Sweet03 November 2011

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