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It's time to sell the port

Environment Voices

That was the recent message from Air New Zealand. The poor quality of roads in the provinces and the difficult terrain, means these smaller centres will instantly become quite isolated. The justification for this move was that the small 19-seat…

Paul Paynter08 February 2015

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Lifestyle Voices

For a generation politicians have talked about how New Zealand must move away from our reliance on agriculture. ‘Sunset industry’ was a phrase that raised the hackles of rural folk. They needn’t have worried as such talk proved to be…

Paul Paynter08 December 2014

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The Unholy Alliance


Have you noticed how politicians have this icky desire to be at the centre of anything popular or successful? They hope people will subconsciously associate them with success and boost their poll ratings and egos. The ickiest example of this…

Paul Paynter12 October 2014



The council has muffed it again! But can you guess what I’m referring to? Is it the art deco buses, the huge losses constantly made by the Aquarium and Splash Planet, the MTG fiasco, inefficiencies at Napier Port, the Ruataniwha…

Paul Paynter09 June 2014

Vegetarianism… Swimming Against the Current


Recently I’ve been reading the rants of militant vego’s. While wildly inflammatory, I love the intellectual and moral confrontation. And I confess they’ve driven me from ‘light vegetarian’ to a much higher level of adherence. Whether it’s killing giraffes or…

Paul Paynter01 April 2014

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As a boy I was briefly captivated by this band called Devo. I thought they were cool, much like I thought birthday parties and robots were cool. It turns out Devo weren’t cool. They wore silly costumes that were a…

Paul Paynter17 January 2014

I’m Running Scared


The Ruataniwha dam scheme is a brilliant idea. Whoever first started pushing it is a visionary of the highest order. The food industry in New Zealand has two major competitive advantages internationally – a mild climate and abundant water. Hawke’s…

Paul Paynter02 September 2013

Out, Damned Spot


Half of the world will die! That’s roughly what Reverend Thomas Malthus predicted some 200 years ago in his Essay on the Principle of Population. Malthus thought war or pestilence would decimate the population from time to time, and if…

Paul Paynter09 May 2013

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Beware of Witches


A coven of witches has risen. They practise their dark arts and expound their beliefs in broad daylight. Check over the fence and you are sure to find a fervent believer in witchcraft, with her crystals jangling and her incense…

Paul Paynter05 March 2013

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Behind the bright, inquisitive eyes is Eileen Wing. She is a minority of a minority – Chinese and somewhere beyond her 90th year. She is the stereotypical Chinese nonagenarian: fit, diminutive and eternally youthful. Her teeth are her own and…

Paul Paynter30 December 2012

Cursed by a name


My son is head down and ready to enter this world. We are ready with bassinette, breast pump and bottle of Bollinger. There’s just one thing we haven’t sorted out… “We need a name,” my bowling ball-esque beauty berates. “All…

Paul Paynter07 September 2012



Hawke’s Bay doesn’t exist. Really it doesn’t. What does our region really have to unify it? Not much more than a rugby team, a health board and the squiggles of a deranged cartographer. Even our councils are fragmented – no…

Paul Paynter21 December 2011

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