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More Risk, Please

01 May 2018

I was elated in 1985 when the speed limit was lifted from 80kph to 100kph. You see in those days you could get a full licence at 15 and mine was newly minted. What euphoric madness it was to be…

Paul Paynter01 May 2018

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The government of my dreams

23 December 2017

I missed the election. I was in Europe and felt quite sad about it. I didn’t realise how much I enjoy the understated theatrics of election day in the provinces. The ritual of turning up at my old school hall,…

Paul Paynter23 December 2017

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Where the Buck Stops

24 October 2017

THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES is one of the most enduring images from antiquity. Damocles, you may recall, was a courtier in the service of his king, Dionysius II of Syracuse. Syracuse remains a pretty little town in the southeast of…

Paul Paynter24 October 2017

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Hiding Behind “N****r”

02 August 2017

“€SEND IN YOUR NOMINATIONS for New Zealand’s Person of the Year,” said the radio announcer. I thought for a moment. “I think I’ll nominate Brian Tamaki,” I suggested to my passenger. “What!? The guy’s crazy.” “Maybe, but he has reminded…

Paul Paynter02 August 2017

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A Political Punch in the Nose

24 December 2016

ding dong, the dam is dead!  Our newly elected councillors are sensibly circumspect on the matter, but in a private moment have likely declared a discreet ‘ding dong’. Putting aside the euphoria or despair of dam protagonists, it’s worth considering…

Paul Paynter24 December 2016

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The Pressure is Building

04 October 2016

Can you feel it? The world is changing, pulsing, vibrating like never before in my lifetime. Let me take you on a brief global tour of the chaos… In England they snubbed the views of the major political parties and…

Paul Paynter04 October 2016

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Heed the Oracle of Omaha

05 August 2016

Economics is exciting; exciting because it’s not about money or business, it’s about people. It’s the study of madness of crowds, their frothy exuberance and their hand-wringing despair. Hawke’s Bay is enjoying an economic renaissance, or so it seems. Many…

Paul Paynter05 August 2016

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The Louis Vuitton of Food

06 February 2016

Ubi ius, ibi officium – ‘privilege with responsibility’. One bit of Latin every young farmer should be taught. What a great privilege it is to have such a key influence on human health, the environment and, in many cases, animal…

Paul Paynter06 February 2016

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Tribalism Afflicts Hawke's Bay

20 July 2015

Tribalism. It seems to cause a great deal of trouble in the world. People find these ways of delineating themselves into ‘us and them’ on the basis of gender, race, culture – economics even. Religion gets a bad rap too,…

Paul Paynter20 July 2015