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The Art of Taking Part

01 October 2019

Welcome to Hastings’ so-called ‘Cultural Precinct’ – a rough rectangle delineated by Parlour Projects and Hastings City Art Gallery, Arts Inc, Humanity Books and pretty much every business with ‘200- something Heretaunga Street’ in its address.  Here you’ll find art…

Rosheen FitzGerald01 October 2019

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EIT Excelling in Research

01 August 2019

Good things are happening between the curve of the Tutaekurī River and the shade of Ōtātara Pā.  Academics at the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) are justifiably proud. Their teaching programmes have received the highest possible assessments from NZQA’s External…

Rosheen FitzGerald01 August 2019

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Organics in the Bay

01 February 2019

Organics Aotearoa New Zealand’s biennial market report to Parliament earlier this year showed a booming industry, growing twice as fast as conventional farming.  Organics still only constitute 2.2% of our collective grocery bill, but since the most frequently purchased organic…

Rosheen FitzGerald01 February 2019

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P & Qs: Meth in Hawke’s Bay

01 December 2018

“Most people in Hawke’s Bay have at least one P user in their street,” claims MP Lawrence Yule. No one Bay Buzz interviewed disputes this claim, or even appears shocked – not the police nor the government; not researchers, nor…

Rosheen FitzGerald01 December 2018

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Food and Drink Fuel Economy

01 October 2018

Hawke’s Bay food is legendary, at home and abroad, and we are the country’s best (according to BayBuzz and many others) and second-largest wine producing region.  In recent times, our natural ability to grow has been capitalised upon by an…

Rosheen FitzGerald01 October 2018

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Hawke's Bay Weddings

01 August 2018

Suzanne Beaumont, the style queen behind Miss Frou Frou, has first-hand experience of the pressure exerted by having a world’s worth of inspiration at one’s fingertips. “I say to my brides: Choose three things that really matter, that you’re allowed…

Rosheen FitzGerald01 August 2018