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Art In Public Places


Many years ago I emerged from art school with a high ideal that art could make towns better places to live in.  It didn’t happen, of course, and for most of the last century our towns remained resolutely committed to…

Roy Dunningham01 August 2018

All readers of this article take a bow


The redevelopment of Hastings Civic Square, which includes, of course, the Hastings City Art Gallery (HCAG), raises questions of just what is the role of a provincial art gallery. Should it be primarily a venue for the encouragement of artists…

Roy Dunningham08 July 2013

Eccentric, Eclectic & Egalitarian


As a showcase for the very best of art in the region, the Hastings City Art Gallery is our jewel in the crown, but in some ways the creative heart of Hastings can be found in the Hastings Community Arts…

Roy Dunningham31 December 2012

Yes, Art Happens South of the Bombay Hills


East 2012, the major art event on the Hastings City Art Gallery’s calendar appears, at first, to have revived the old Hawke’s Bay Review format of a guest selector. The resemblance is only superficial, though, and there is a huge…

Roy Dunningham07 November 2012

Public Art: Who needs it?


You can’t eat it, drink it or play golf with it. Well, my beloved Hastings will never be the city of the Seven Hills or Venice of the South but it has been notable for the creativity of its people.…

Roy Dunningham08 March 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful


I should be grateful. There is more good art being made in Hawke’s Bay now than ever before. Sadly, though, there is also more bad art and just about anyone who puts a brush to canvas can call themselves an artist. Mercifully, we seem to…

Roy Dunningham03 November 2011

Confessions of An Art Junkie


Talk is cheap. Anyone can visit an exhibition or a local artist at their studio and say “that’s great” … but it doesn’t pay the bills. Reaching for your credit card at an art exhibition is the most sincere compliment…

Roy Dunningham05 July 2011

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