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Addressing Gun Control

01 June 2019

Discussions during the development of the gun control bill have taken us to the sanctuary of the mosques.  They have allowed us to witness the supreme effort of trauma surgeons in a hospital emergency department. We have caught a glimpse…

Stuart Nash01 June 2019

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Opportunity Knocks for Hawke’s Bay

01 May 2018

Politically, things have changed for the first time in nine years. This has led to a brief moment of uncertainty in a few areas of society. Often uncertainty and change are met with trepidation, but I don’t believe there is…

Stuart Nash01 May 2018

Will a Dam Bring Them Back to the Bay?

07 November 2012

There is no doubt that a visionary economic development agenda is a must for Hawke’s Bay. Our high unemployment and social deprivation stats are a damning indictment of the province’s inability to attract new businesses and industries to replace those…

Stuart Nash07 November 2012

Marine Parade... A Pale Shadow

08 March 2012

Times have changed. No longer is the old way of doing things good enough to succeed in the 21st century. In fact, the ‘No8 fencing wire’ mentality coupled with the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude that Kiwis have prided themselves on…

Stuart Nash08 March 2012