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Home is Where the He(art) is

Health Lifestyle

over the other side of the world in England, the Holly Trail at Epping Forest entices many a flora and fauna fan to its home county, Essex. Much the same happens with the biennial Holly Trail in Hawke’s Bay which,…

Michal McKay24 December 2016

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Taste Spring


the allure of locally-grown produce, abundant seafood and the opportunity to forage for your own has lured some of the country’s finest chefs to the region. James Beck, Jeremy Rameka and David Griffiths have all established restaurants within close proximity…

Prue Barton24 December 2016

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Watching Over the Water


the Waimarama Surf Lifesaving Club is a community of around 350 salty sea lovers. Throughout summer the club operates surf patrols at the beach on Saturdays and Sundays as well as training young and not-so-young surf lovers in skills from…

Lizzie Russell24 December 2016

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Food Stars Unhealthy?

Health Food

a small space sits modestly on the front of packaged food. A space that brings industry, consumer groups, health experts, and the government into heated and intense dispute. This highly fought over and valued communicative space is better known as…

Sarah Cates24 December 2016

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Indelible: Making its Video Mark

Technology Online

tv and video have changed almost beyond recognition in the last ten years. Traditional TVs and broadcasters are becoming less and less relevant for video marketers. We’ve gone from DVD players, USB drives, and cathode ray screens to Netflix, tablets,…

Matthew Miller24 December 2016

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A Political Punch in the Nose

Politics Voices

ding dong, the dam is dead!  Our newly elected councillors are sensibly circumspect on the matter, but in a private moment have likely declared a discreet ‘ding dong’. Putting aside the euphoria or despair of dam protagonists, it’s worth considering…

Paul Paynter24 December 2016

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Getting Power to the People


We take power for granted.Power as in the electricity (and gas) that heats our homes, refrigerates and cooks our food, pumps our water from private bores and water tanks, charges our phones and tablets, and keeps our computers ‘plugged in’ to…

Keith Newman02 December 2016

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HBRC Furiously Forensic

Water Environment Health

As HBRC sees it, the most likely explanation for New Zealand’s largest water-borne contamination is that sheep poo, flushed from nearby grazing land into streams and surface water got into drinking water through a weakness in the Brookvale Rd bores…

Keith Newman02 December 2016

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Something In The Water.

Water Health

“Good Afternoon. This is just to give you all an update on a developing issue we [are] just becoming aware of,” the DHB’s Maree Rohleder said in a 12.53pm email. The issue was that the HDC had alerted the DHB…

Sophie Price02 December 2016

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Pristine Water?

Water Environment Health

FOR SEVERAL WEEKS, the outbreak was the focus of attention for affected families, Havelock businesses, local politicians, councils and the health system, and local and national media. Except for a few individuals suffering complications from the initial infection, the health…

Tom Belford02 December 2016

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5,000 sick in five days

Water Health

DHB chief Kevin Snee says the joke in public health circles is that these things always happen on a Friday afternoon when the boss is away. That was the case here, with Caroline McElnay, Director of Population Health, on sabbatical…

Jess Soutar Barron16 November 2016

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