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HB Future Farming Trust established

12 August 2019

Last week saw the official establishment of the Hawke’s Bay Future Farming Trust. Here is the mission given to the Trust by its farmer-led establishment group … Problem “Society today is challenging the environmental cost and impact of producing food.…

Tom Belford12 August 2019

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Floating Napier Port

29 May 2017

CURRENTLY THROUGH IT’S, investment company, HBRIC, the Regional Council owns 100% of the port, valued at around $300 million. Last year the dividend to Council was $7.9 million, which subsidises the rates of the benefi cial owners, the people of…

Mark Sweet29 May 2017

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Going for the Green Gold

04 October 2016

We all know an O’Rouke, O’Sullivan or a Fitzpatrick. In fact 600,000 Kiwis have our beginnings in the Emerald Isles. We share potatoes, St Paddy’s Day, beer, work ethics, digging the soil, milking cows, humour and music. We both export…

Sarah Cates04 October 2016

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Kill less fish

16 August 2016

At the national level, the Labour Party complains: “The relationship between the Ministry and the commercial fishing industry is too cosy. First, MPI refuses to prosecute inshore trawlers despite evidence of large scale illegal fish dumping, and now it has…

Tom Belford16 August 2016

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Agritech, the New Queen of Green

16 August 2016

It’s no secret that tech is the new black. Young and nimble start-ups in the technology and digital space are now a dime a dozen worldwide, not to mention the hot favourites amongst investors and governments worldwide. Let’s face it,…

Rosie Bosworth16 August 2016

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Fear of Falling

15 August 2016

Rotten eggs The Tukituki river flows as a trickle under the Patangata Bridge and the countryside is parched dry. There’s been no significant rain for many months. Yet scattered across the scorched landscape are a few flat patches of green.…

Mark Sweet15 August 2016

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Where Does HB’s Food Future Lie?

31 May 2016

Introduction by Tom Belford Our region’s branding history includes ‘fruitbowl’, ‘wine country’ and, with broader meaning, ‘we grow great things’. To some, our food makes Hawke’s Bay a destination … a place to visit to sample world-class restaurants serving our…

Jess Soutar Barron31 May 2016

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Manufacturing ‘Pure’ Water

31 May 2016

Think of ‘pure’ water … the kind in a bottle. What springs to mind? Probably images of vibrant water cascading over rocks, snow-capped mountains, a crystal clear river meandering its way through thick forest teeming with native birds. Like the…

Sarah Cates31 May 2016

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Garden of Eden or White Elephant?

31 May 2016

With requisite farmers, an investor, and lenders apparently at the ready, will the Ruataniwha dam proceed, or will it remain contested for several more months? Standing in the way are hurdles including a lawsuit and an election. On May 26,…

Tom Belford31 May 2016