About half of the Bay’s economy is related to growing and agribusiness — all dependent in turn on how smart we are about using our land and soil sustainably to achieve highest productivity.

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A Raw Deal for Raw Milk?

Land/Farming Health Issues

Seven agents quickly alighted, three of the burliest secured the immediate perimeter while four inspectors, on presenting a search warrant authourised by the Upper Hutt District Court, began rifling through the home office and bedrooms.  In their pursuit of ‘evidence…

Keith Newman01 April 2020

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Securing our food and fibre future


These are exciting, but also challenging times for New Zealand agriculture, agri-food and fibre.  At a time when demand and pricing for food is at near record highs, the mood among farmers is subdued. New environmental policies fuel uncertainty at…

Mike Petersen01 April 2020

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Future Farming in Hawke’s Bay


An impressive trio of Hawke’s Bay finalists was presented recently at the annual Ballance Farm Environment Awards. These are farmers who outproduce their industry and local benchmarks, while lowering their environmental footprints.  For example, for the top winners, Nick and…

Tom Belford01 June 2019

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Not Your Grandpa’s Farming


Meanwhile, the $7 billion meat sector weighs its strategic responses to potential annihilation; the word ‘disruption’ is in the air. For while the recent face-off between the Impossible Burger and ‘delicious NZ red meat’ is one audacious signal from the…

Bridget Freeman-Rock01 October 2018

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Apple Futures

Environment Land/Farming

A decade ago the apple industry was on its knees. Growers were not receiving sustainable returns for many varieties and orchards were being uprooted and burned across the Heretaunga Plains. The Taiwan market, critical for the Fuji variety, was closed because…

Peter Beaven11 October 2017

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Setting ourselves apart


Our Bostock New Zealand customers all around the world are demanding premium produce. There is no doubt that our pure New Zealand brand gives us a competitive economic advantage. Our business, which employs over 800 people at the peak of…

John Bostock09 February 2017

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Lifting The Bar For Hawke's Bay Farming


Numerous studies – such as Call to Arms, refl ecting a panel including Sir Graeme Avery – have indicated the full potential of New Zealand’s agricultural sector, and by implication, the possibilities for Hawke’s Bay. What might we aspire to? Call…

Tom Belford09 February 2017

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Land/Farming Food

In the humble apple Hawke’s Bay has the raw ingredient for increased exports, new careers and more jobs, artisan and innovative products, and potentially the cure for cancer. Currently we witness the apple growing, then it disappears overseas, job done.…

Jess Soutar Barron04 February 2017

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Energy Land/Farming

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright says we’ll need to dramatically change what we grow and how we grow it if we’re to meet our commitment to the Paris Accord on Climate Change, which 75 other countries have ratified.…

Keith Newman04 February 2017

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Land/Farming Voices

It is spectacularly beautiful, climbing up 500 metres around the seaward edge of the Wharerata Ranges, before rejoining SH2 on its northern descent. Low clouds snagged on the hill tops and misty rain drifted in the wind. The grassy track…

David Trubridge05 June 2016

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