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Wealth Inequality… The Asset Gap

04 October 2016

There have always been those at the top of the wealth pyramid and those at the bottom. Early Hawke’s Bay settlers like Henry Tiffen and J.N. Williams amassed fortunes from fruit growing and processing. Meat baron William Nelson was so…

Mark Sweet04 October 2016

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Little Silos Won’t Lift the Bay

15 August 2016

Mayor Yule’s ‘Poor but Happy’ slideshow, the one he touted around the region during the campaign, held sad statistics about employment, education, housing, and is still relevant. The consensus among decision makers today is that the socio-economic challenges facing Hawke’s…

Jess Soutar Barron15 August 2016

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Hastings Women’s Refuge… at the breaking point

12 August 2016

One of three refuges in Hawke’s Bay, Hastings, which always has the highest demand, is struggling the most. But, Te Whare Whanau Purotu, which provides refuge for Māori women, and Napier both report they are full and under unprecedented pressure.…

Anna Lorck12 August 2016

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Garden of Eden or White Elephant?

31 May 2016

With requisite farmers, an investor, and lenders apparently at the ready, will the Ruataniwha dam proceed, or will it remain contested for several more months? Standing in the way are hurdles including a lawsuit and an election. On May 26,…

Tom Belford31 May 2016

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Vakameasina [Treasures of Learning]

31 May 2016

The classroom is a pre-fab. Nearby, an ex-school hall has been converted to a lounge with comfy sofas and chairs, big flat screen TV, and a pool table. Across the driveway is a dining room and kitchen, and in a…

Mark Sweet31 May 2016

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Lighting a Fire

06 April 2016

It’s a schools performance with 300+ teenagers swarming through the foyer. There’s a huddle of them sitting on the steps; a cross-section of the Hawke’s Bay teen community with a multitude of uniforms and a couple in mufti. There’s a…

Jess Soutar Barron06 April 2016

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Velodrome … Spinning Wheels?

06 April 2016

Napier City Council will decide whether a ‘high risk’ $15 million second tier multi-use velodrome that’s unlikely to pay its way will go ahead or not after a revised business case is tabled in June. Velodrome visionaries have not been…

Keith Newman06 April 2016

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Political Buzz

31 March 2016

Our councils are trying to get several big ticket spending projects over the finish line in the next two to three months – velodrome, Opera House strengthening, dam – plus a proposal before CHB ratepayers to spend $1.5 million per…

Tom Belford31 March 2016