Hawke’s Bay ranks at the bottom of many socio-economic measures. What are we going to do about it?

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Political Buzz

Accountability Social Magazine

The Dam Let’s start with the dam, as the months of November and December could well prove decisive, if all goes according to HBRIC’s forecasting. HBRIC, the Regional Council’s holding company seeking to advance the scheme, has done its utmost…

Tom Belford30 November 2015

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Brain drain or Brain exchange?

Social Education Voices

I approached my allotted booth and mustered a face of feigned enthusiasm. The place was riddled with busloads of what appeared to be typical gen Y’s; endlessly seeking excitement in their smartphones as they shuffled by. They might be worth engaging…

Paul Paynter08 April 2015

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Islam in Hawke’s Bay

Social Magazine

Salaam alay-kum Peace be with you All over the world, at the core of every Muslim community, is the mosque. An elegant hip roofed building in Hastings, originally built for the Church of Christian Science, serves that purpose for the…

Mark Sweet19 January 2015

Getting Hawke’s Bay Youth to Work

Social Magazine

Amidst the current debate over amalgamation and the value of a regional approach to community and economic development, a Hawke’s Bay consortia led by the Youth Futures Trust has succeeded in pushing our region to ‘first cab off the rank’…

Claire Hague09 June 2014

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Legal Highs

Social Magazine Health

Consumers call the products legal highs or ‘legals’. Psychoactive substances is the preferred term of the police. The same substances are also referred to as synthetic cannabis or cannabinoids, or ‘synthetics’. Jessica Soutar Barron reports on their use in Hawke’s…

Jess Soutar Barron10 November 2013

Parent, Nurse, Councellor, Teacher

Social Magazine

When the Government announced the $1.9 million a year deal expanding the Sanitarium and Fonterra ‘Breakfast in Schools’ programmes, it was met with cries from both ends of the political spectrum. From the Left that it wasn’t enough and from…

Roy Sye02 September 2013

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So, Who's Got the Drugs?

Social Magazine

‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’ Meetings of Narcotics Anonymous open and close with this prayer, which recognises that…

Mark Sweet04 March 2013

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The black dog

Social Magazine Health

The Black Dog is costing us. High rates of those claiming a sickness benefit cite mental illness as the chief reason. Over half of patients seeing their GP are presenting with some level of psychological distress. Nearly one and a…

Jess Soutar Barron05 September 2012

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New age is old age

Social Magazine

People with visions are usually outward looking … determined to transform their business, community or even the world. As a counterpoint, BayBuzz asked Mark Sweet to explore the realm of personal transformation, visiting some practitioners whose aim is to help…

Mark Sweet04 January 2012

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