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Announcing public forums on dam

18 February 2016

Regional Councillors Barker, Beaven, Graham and myself are conducting four public forums throughout Hawke’s Bay in March to discuss water storage in HB and the proposed Ruataniwha Dam. I hope you’ll attend one of these sessions … and spread the word…

Tom Belford18 February 2016

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Dam losing legs, springing leaks

09 February 2016

Despite the fact that the case for the $600 million CHB dam is being cleaved faster than a ‘Walking Dead’ zombie, the scheme crawls on. At the last Regional Council meeting, councillors Wilson, Scott, Hewitt, Dick and Pipe voted another…

Tom Belford09 February 2016

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Square Heart Needs Arrow

31 January 2016

Welcome to the vibrant heart of Hastings; cultural gateway to the East Coast with integrated state of the art library-gallery-digital innovation hub, majestic heritage buildings, world class hotel and business centre connected by performance spaces, eateries and quirky retail outlets.…

Keith Newman31 January 2016

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Political Buzz

31 January 2016

This year will see a shift in the focus of public debate from the fate of the Ruataniwha dam to the management of water on the Heretaunga Plains, and from the perceived threat of amalgamation to the reality (or not)…

Tom Belford31 January 2016

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Awaiting the Dam Fairy

19 January 2016

On Monday HB Today published part of a Talking Point I submitted, neglecting to run the final several paragraphs (after promising to publish in its entirety). The column is about the flawed and now largely outdated and misleading assumptions that…

Tom Belford19 January 2016

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Your views on Te Mata Peak please

01 November 2015

I’m confident that every single person reading this post has enjoyed Te Mata Peak firsthand. And I’ll bet you’ve taken most of your out-of-town visitors to the Peak as well. Now, in return, the Park needs your advice … by November…

BayBuzz01 November 2015

Dam and biodiversity -- dates to note

25 November 2014

Here are some meeting dates that might interest you. Ruataniwha Dam Transparent Hawke’s Bay is sponsoring a public forum in Waipawa on Tuesday, Dec 2, 7pm to critically examine the proposed dam scheme. The meeting, at the CHB Theatre in…

Tom Belford25 November 2014