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Here’s where Tom Belford, BayBuzz editor and regional councillor, publishes his running analysis and commentary on the political and lifestyle foibles, and important trends, of Hawke’s Bay. As he sees it. No holds barred.

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Bisset on HBRC election

13 September 2019

Bruce Bisset’s HB Today column of 13 September offered his view of the candidates and the stakes. I don’t always agree with Bruce, but in this case, here’s my favourite part: “With current chairman Rex Graham and two of his…

BayBuzz13 September 2019

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Stay the course at HBRC

12 September 2019

As signs around the community indicate, I am standing again for the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, seeking to represent Hastings, Havelock North and Flaxmere. In this current term, I have had the privilege to work with a team of councillors…

BayBuzz12 September 2019

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No More Mushrooms!

25 October 2018

Two years ago, on October 26th, a newly elected Regional Council was sworn in, and proceeded as its first item of business to elect Rex Graham as chairman. Councillors Graham, Belford, Beaven and Barker were no longer mushrooms to be…

Tom Belford25 October 2018

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BayBuzz still kickin'

16 October 2018

We’re still celebrating BayBuzz‘s 10th Anniversary of print publishing. Yes, people still do like to hold a hard copy magazine in their hands and relish turning the pages! Come see our debate with HB Today editor Craig Cooper and others…

Tom Belford16 October 2018

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God help local journalism!

03 October 2018

Today’s Hawke’s Bay Today was an excellent illustration of what threatens the survival of local journalism. The biggest threat: newspapers like HB Today. Where the front page headline today is: Boulder blasted from Bluff. Where the lead editorial today —…

Tom Belford03 October 2018

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Please Take Our BayBuzz Reader Survey

02 April 2018

Every couple of years we do an informal online reader survey to help us in two ways: Identify improvements we can make to BayBuzz magazine and/or our online presence. Help better describe our BayBuzz community to advertisers and ‘would-be’ subscribers.…

Tom Belford02 April 2018

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Ambitious Long Term Plan from HBRC

17 March 2018

Last Wednesday, the Regional Council adopted its draft LTP, which will now go to the public for consultation. In its first year, this LTP proposes an increase that will average $1 per week across all Hawke’s Bay ratepayers. By a…

Tom Belford17 March 2018

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Video streaming coming to Hastings Council

04 October 2017

Prior to my own election in 2013, I petitioned the Regional Council and the Hastings Council to initiate video recording of council meetings. The HBRC began to do so, starting initially with only full Council meetings, but then adding standing…

Tom Belford04 October 2017

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Future Farming Centre for Hawke's Bay

01 October 2017

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally written before the last Regional Council election in 2016. Our automated system went ‘rogue’ and re-published it this week. The good news is that good ideas endure. The ‘Future Farming’ concept has been gaining…

Tom Belford01 October 2017