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Here’s where Tom Belford, BayBuzz editor and regional councillor, publishes his running analysis and commentary on the political and lifestyle foibles, and important trends, of Hawke’s Bay. As he sees it. No holds barred.

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Dam Dead!

08 July 2017

The new Jul/Aug BayBuzz magazine features this cartoon … Last Thursday, one of the most critical cards collapsed. The Supreme Court disallowed the land swap – conceived by HBRIC and DoC two years ago – that downgraded protected conservation land…

BayBuzz08 July 2017

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Farmer Steps Up for Lake Tutira

01 April 2017

The Regional Council proposes to significantly step-up a community-wide effort to clean-up Lake Tutira … and further, to make that area a model of integrated management to achieve all of the environmental, economic and social benefits that are latent in…

Tom Belford01 April 2017

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Political Watershed

02 December 2016

New Faces To Watch: Paul Bailey, Alex Walker, Damon Harvey, Geraldine Travers, Larry Dallimore, Claire Hague. And veterans waving goodbye: Cynthia Bowers, Wayne Bradshaw, Mark Herbert, Michelle Pyke, and Peter Butler. Voters delivered some clear messages in the recent local…

Tom Belford02 December 2016

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Secrecy rules at Regional Council

04 October 2016

Here’s my Talking Point on council secrecy (unabridged version), published Wed in HB Today. Win or lose, I will continue to fight against council secrecy. After all, before I was a councillor, I managed — with the help of dozens of…

Tom Belford04 October 2016

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Voting papers out

18 September 2016

Voting papers have started to arrive, and I hope you will take this opportunity to have your say, whoever your preferred candidates might be. Of course, I’d welcome your vote! I won my regional council seat by only 61 votes,…

Tom Belford18 September 2016

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Thanks to my endorsers

11 September 2016

Not everyone is prepared to ‘nail their colours to the mast’ when it comes to their preferred candidates in local body campaigns. Some don’t wish, by endorsing one person, to offend other candidates with whom they have relationships. Some don’t…

Tom Belford11 September 2016

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Tukituki is farmers' drain - feedlot photos

02 September 2016

I suppose we should be gratified that so many people seem at last to be climbing aboard the Tukituki clean-up cause. The list even includes Hastings Council candidates and HDC refugees like Cynthia Bowers, whose husband, Ewan McGregor, during his terms…

Tom Belford02 September 2016

Dam without reservoir!

31 August 2016

Today the Appeals Court upheld the Forest & Bird appeal challenging DoC’s decision to downgrade, and swap to the Regional Council’s holding company (HBRIC), conservation land necessary for the CHB dam . Without that land, there’s no reservoir for the…

BayBuzz31 August 2016

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Tukituki NOT in the clear

23 August 2016

Monday the Regional Council staff put out a press release titled ‘Tukituki in the clear’, indicating that the most recent analysis of groundwater from HBRC-monitored bores around the contaminated Havelock North aquifer (the Te Mata aquifer) sampled last week by HBRC…

Tom Belford23 August 2016